Sarah Silverman at the Pala Events Center

Posted September 28, 2007 in Events

Comedians aren’t a very sexy bunch, generally speaking. Males are usually unkempt louts who look like they subsist on Doritos, beer and Hostess products. Females of the species tend to be sexless Sapphics with brassy longshoreman voices, or understated charmers like Ellen Degeneres. But Sarah Silverman is different. She is smoking hot–hot enough to garner the questionable honor of getting a pictorial in Maxim. And hey, what’s hotter than a pretty girl with a dirty mouth?

In addition to her dirtier attributes and surprisingly shapely figure, Silverman is also famous for being able to offend anyone. In this age of politically correct orthodoxy it is refreshing to see such equal opportunity vitriol. Sarah says that she is really playing a dumber, crueler version of herself onstage and on her Comedy Central show. Whatever, it is gut-busting stuff, and she delivers it all with such ‘girl next door’ cheerfulness that it is easy to forgive her. (Though it’s a stretch, one can even forgive her for dating that pumpkin-headed non-entity, Jimmy Kimmel). She’s also an unrepentant pothead. What’s there not to love about the little minx?

Silverman is bringing her cool goddess self down to us heat-stroke mortals with a visit to the Pala Casino Spa Resort. So in addition to listening to a an adorably crass girl, you can also gamble until you’re a pauper, drink until fall down and soak in so many UV rays all your freckles turn cancerous. Great comedian, great venue, great way to spend the weekend. (Donald Powell)

Pala Events Center (at Pala Casino Spa and Resort), 11154 HWY 76 (23 miles east of I-15). Showtime 7:30pm, tickets starting at $45 and available at the box office, at and at


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