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Jasen T. Davis , Kevin Longrie

Posted September 28, 2007 in Music

First there was electro, the early prodigal offspring of new wave, punk, hip hop and funk which spun off from the rest in the late ’70s on the soaring synths of breakthrough acts like Kraftwerk–quite possibly the most influential, if often overlooked, musicians of all time.

Thanks to the never-ceasing power of retro-cool, the genre ran its course and quieted down for a bit, giving it time to spawn another offspring: nu electro. In fifteen years, after scouring their parents record collections and buying better electronics than the previous generation had–but in keeping with the previous generation’s poor fashion choices– electro is due for another resurgence of punkish, angsty, but melodic esteem. Yep, that Nu times two is going to be the best thing that happened to electro since its other renaissance in the early part of this decade. But those that fear change or are incredibly impatient can take solace in the fact that there’s plenty of the stuff banging out right now, and some of it is coming from San Bernardino.

Electro-house duo 5000 Animals serves up plenty of booms and baps with dirty synth lines that make the band sound more like a refreshing take on an old genre than a bad retro joke that was taken too far. Although the music conspicuously lacks vocals and samples–which is nice for a change of pace–that doesn’t mean that the group’s catalogue is a passive compilation of sleepy background noise. The music commands you to listen with a casually authoritarian bark that should inspire all-night drug induced dance-a-thons, ironic beard growth and avant-garde hats. But–and I’m afraid we must insist on this–no glow-sticks, please.


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