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The Chevy Corvette is an iconic vehicle in American–and international–mechanized culture. From its famous fiberglass body (which was a novel application upon its introduction), to its easily identifiable trademark rounded taillights (which have flanked its rear since 1961), this all-American two-seater is one of the longest lasting automobile models, spanning well over a half-century with those famous flag emblems rolling off the assembly line (currently in Bowling Green, Kentucky).

The car’s been seen as a sex symbol, as a powerful pavement pounder, and even as Barbie’s preferred boulevard cruiser. In the late ’70s and early ’80s, those tight on cash could even proclaim they owned a ‘Vette–well, a compact clunker called the Chevette, that instantly deflated any iota of prestige that they’d temporarily acquired before actually whipping out the keys. After six significant generations of redesigns (designated by most car buffs as "C1" through "C6"), the ‘Vette’s a common sight on the streets, but its following is still resoundingly strong, particularly in the Inland Empire. Riverside-based Millennium Corvettes, a car-club based around the love of the Corvette, is hosting its annual Glass & Chrome People’s Choice Corvette Car Show at Riverside Plaza’s Main Street. Sponsored by Corona Chevrolet and officially sanctioned by the NCCC (the National Council of Corvette Clubs), the event will be benefiting Circle of Hope, a Corona-based homeless shelter for women.

On-site registration starts at 4:00pm, with Corvettes from all generations expected to be on display. The judging starts at 5:00pm and awards will be presented at 7:30pm. (The Cadillac Cats are scheduled to perform as well, keepin’ it well within the General Motors family.) Other types of ‘Vettes–like Chevettes, that is–need not apply. (Waleed Rashidi)

The Millennium Corvettes’ 3rd Annual Glass & Chrome People’s Choice Corvette Car Show at Riverside Plaza, 3545 Central Ave. Sat. August 25, 3:30pm-8:30pm.


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