Posted October 3, 2007 in Film

Big-bucks rancher Angus (Peter Feeney) thought genetic engineering was a brilliant idea until his sheep turned into carnivorous zombies. One bite to a man, and he starts looking suspiciously like Jon Heder; four hours (and four cloven feet) later, and Angus’ New Zealand farm’s been overrun by evil mutton and weresheep. It’s up to two vegetarians to save the day—estranged (and lamb-phobic) brother Henry (Nathan Meister) and an irritatingly zen hippie named Experience (Danielle Mason).  Jonathan King’s grisly comedy is a better one-liner than full-length flick, though the sheep attacks—a bleat and a tumble of white curls—never get old. Beyond a half-attempted argument for organic free-range chops, the humor is devoted to bad puns, shots of herds grazing to slasher music, and intestines filmed as lovingly as diamond commercials. The neato puppetmatronics (by the same crew who’ve done Peter Jackson’s) are as wonderful to groan at as the slapstick bits about buggering and mint sauce, but I had my fill in an hour. (Amy Nicholson) 



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