Posted October 5, 2007 in Film

Fifteen years after their crooning of Phil Collins’ “Take Me Home” rocked their college campus, this seven-man acapella group—now on the wrong side of 35—have managed, mostly, to stay tight. They’ve had plenty of distractions: marriages, divorces, firings, children, depression, graying hair, and even a pitch for a reality show starring Vanna White. And now, along with their ladies at wealthy hippie Spooner’s (Chris Bowers) family home in the Hamptons for Greg’s (Mark Feuerstein) wedding, the bros attempt at escaping their issues forces each to confront them. Together. (Awww!) Writer-director Bruce Leddy’s sitcom take on masculine mystique has a schlocky weakness for limp cock humor and leering shots of Steven’s Swedish au pair (model Camilla Thorsson), whose hobbies include jogging in micro-shorts and laughing at the guys’ jokes. But Leddy’s also uncannily insightful and sincere about their grumblings, even as he has girlfriend Julep (Elizabeth Reaser) call the dudes out, asking “A receding hairline? That’s your biggest issue? Y’all ever heard of cancer, child abuse, poverty?” This deceptively generic comedy is redeemed by a strong cast and Leddy’s affectionate—not indulgent—eye on his characters that lets their shortcomings ring through like a clear soprano. (Amy Nicholson)





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