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Posted October 1, 2007 in Music

Beginning in 1950, Joseph McCarthy began his reign of progressive idea-squashing by going after communist sympathizers in the government and, more aggressively, in artistic circles that were demonized by McCarthy as "anarchistic commie robots." Try as he might, though, McCarthy was unable to completely quash what he saw as the era’s free-thinking mechanical Marxists, which was a boon to American artistic endeavors. But the concept of commie robots in artistic communities, here to deliver us from more of the same old thinking, never died. It went to Hesperia.

Hesperia’s own Commie Robots, who boast a member with the same last name as the late pinko-hatin’ senator (Aaron McCarthy), don’t seem like the types who harbor secret conspiracies about armed government overthrow, and nor do they chant statements about private property being an act of theft against the proletariat–heck, they don’t even let you download all their songs for free–but they do seem like the types that think pairing revolutionary iconography and 1950′s sci-fi imagery is funny. And this is perfect for the band. The four-piece plays fun, goofy indie rock that–with song titles like Anonymous Hippopotamus–isn’t about to resemble a dissertation on musical theory. Rather, this is a playful experimentation with songwriting, replete with catchy hooks that glisten more with sincerity than pop polish–a truly welcome respite from the epidemic of increasingly self-important, stoical, depressing indie rock that is being churned out these days. Although their music is boisterous enough to yield a few shits and giggles, their sound is mostly mellow, airy and relaxed, with plenty of keyboard, chorus effects and liberal songwriting for the indie world to welcome them as liberators from its own maladroit mess.

¡Viva la Commie Robots!

More info and song clips on their MySpace page,

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