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Posted October 1, 2007 in Music

It’s the damndest thing–how does a band like Genghis Con-Job find one another? The stars have to align pretty scarily–like the bacterium that aligns to make typhoid fever– for four ovoid slabs of menace to come together with the very worthwhile goal of taking the proponents of D.A.R.E down a notch. What, you think the world doesn’t need another song about finding Jesus on the Sunset Strip?–the Con-Job cares what you think. They’ve "finally found that son of a bitch" just kind of loitering right there under everybody’s noses. Returning to their hometown of Rivercide–the "c" is theirs; could it be that they’re secretly British?–GCJ pulls from at the roots of country music, punk, blues and rock, and, depending on how many beers they’ve got in the bloodstream, a perfect muddle of all four. What’s always translatable is the seething roadhouse vibe the band brings–which is of course the boozing, the brawling, and the barside hickeys with floosies who snatch away from the embrace to point at the popcorn machine and say, sort of glassily, it don’t work. But if all this sounds like a novelty act, be forewarned that it’s absolutely not. They really do believe Rob Zombie is ten inches taller than Robert Altman. And they really do rock. If you crossed the thrash-grass of Split Lip Rayfield with the irreverent guts of Pigmy Love Circus, well, then your radar is bleeping. Says singer/drummer Pat Porn, who also plays in the BBQ Kings, "I don’t think Panic at the Disco or Fall Out Boy is the proper soundtrack to the impending apocalypse. Signs of the end times, maybe–but not the music to go with it." I invite you to study the photo of this crew and draw your own conclusions, but in the band’s bio, GCJ says that the security around the stage is not there to protect them–it’s there to protect you. If they ask, you make sure and buy them a beer and thank them for this philanthropy.

Playing at the Vibe (1805 University Ave.), August 17 with Murder Junkies, 10pm. For more information, call (951) 788-0310, or


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