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Posted October 3, 2007 in Music

A lot of bands go for the cute angle when trying to market their sound. Manufactured rockers Cute Is What We Aim For are a perfect, ironic example. Good Charlotte and the cadre of other prefab pseudo-punk acts are another (although they’re generally cute for trying so hard and failing so miserably, which we assume isn’t the kind of cute they’re going for).

Riverside’s No Paws (No Lions) are also cute, but not cute in the same way those other boy bands are. They’re more of an injected-overdose-of-fuzzy-kittens-in-an-alleyway-lined-with-smiling-babies-and-dancing-smiling-anthropomorphic-cartoon-characters cute. The band plays super lo-fi—their recordings sound like they were made in a garage using an old Teddy Ruxpin tape, recorded through a Mr. Microphone—electronic pop, with lighthearted, playful synth sounds at the forefront, backed by hi-hat heavy drums and guitar. Despite the band’s pop sensibilities and overly catchy synth lines, their music doesn’t come off as overly polished or bright a la the current slew TV car commercials and other ads targeting young hipsters. No Paws keep their sound smoggy and their vocals a little blurry, which give off a distinctly DIY feel, making them feel authentic and organic.

They first caught our attention at the Saturation Fest in May, and the band is proud to call Riverside’s artistic community home. Plus, they give out free CDs, and are planning a 12-inch release by the end of the year that they also hope to give away, so support them. It won’t cost you anything except hours of humming their fuzzy melodies.

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