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Posted October 2, 2007 in Music

So you’re impressed by your friends who can pull off the furious pseudo-fretwork of the “Free Bird” solo on Guitar Hero, but you’re still conflicted as to how cool it is? Sure, it seems really awesome when, after polishing off a few beers, someone can press huge plastic buttons in sync with one of the best guitar solos that ever crept out of southern rock’s convoluted bayou—but does it really make you a rock star? Only about as much as Dance Dance Revolution turns you into MC Hammer.

Both axemen in La Verne’s Syncope Threshold aspire to real guitar hero status, filling their songs with enough blisteringly breakneck riffs to melt hippies in 10 seconds, while simultaneously resurrecting metal’s less shameful, less generic days, which surely gives the pair a case of carpel tunnel that would cripple mere mortal guitarists.

The band’s overall sound is pretty screamo-ish—you know, fast and yowling that switches to slow and melodic, rinse, repeat. The Syncope Threshold’s vocals are both anxious and hellishly furious, replete with lyrics that we’re not emo enough to fully grasp, but are full of references to lonely shadows and broken hearts that need consoling. But the band shines musically, and the guitar work of Ryan Cano and Tom Borboa is enough to keep the music fresh and awe-inspiring in an oversaturated genre. So take a cue from them, turn of your Playstation, and pick up the real thing—or at least give Syncope Threshold a listen so you can be awed by the real thing.

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