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Posted October 3, 2007 in Music

Against Me, at its earliest inception, was easily accessible, lo-fi, and surprisingly subversive and relevant. They single-handedly broke down the conventions of a genre and gave new life and creative energy to punk, which had become stale and cartoonish. But as they progressed, the band lost a lot of its bite and folksy charm in favor of steamroller sing-along-punk ditties.

The Mortars play a similar brand of folk-infused punk, only with teeth. They dish out strong anti-establishment rhetoric that would sound equally at home in a dingy dive bar or as a soundtrack to a Weather Underground-style G8 summit protest. But unlike Against Me, the band’s simple, unembellished style is less like a cut-and-paste revamping and more like an organic, anthemic anti-music—punk rock’s early days blended with elements of folk, seamlessly injected into the music.

The Mortars keep it raw and anarchy-laden—just the way it should be. And since they haven’t signed to a major label, you won’t be forced to have polarizing arguments with your friends about whether the band’s politics coincide with their actions or sit through droll conversations about what is and isn’t punk. Which you should never do. Ever.

More info and song clips available at the band’s MySpace page,


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