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Posted October 3, 2007 in Music

Most two-piece bands aren’t worth a mention. Not because they lack talent, but because they blend in with the miasma of other two-piece bands. With the exception of a handful of notables, it’s a style oversaturated with blues-rockers, grinding hardcore or yawnsville acoustic crooners. It’s tough to pull off and get the same meaty sound the missing pieces provide—and the bands that do pull it off often fall short with the songwriting talent.

Then there’s the Sea Beasts, a fantastic surprise in that they offer both a unique sound and solid songwriting with pop-laced vocals to create haunting melodies and catchy hooks. Comprised of a pair from IE bands Zombelle and Voice On Tape, the duo eschew the standard two-piece blues riff workout reinvigorated by the White Stripes and their many imitators. The band also shies away from the distortion-muddled sounds churned out by bands like godheadSilo. Instead, the Sea Beasts croon out a unique brand of smoggy melodic rock that’s both spooky and mellow, yet poppy enough to lodge itself firmly in the hum-it-for-days lobe of your brain.

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