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Posted October 3, 2007 in Music

Apparently for City of Monstrocity, living in Ontario is a bitch. But they think their brand of modern rock—the type that recalls Maynard James Keenan’s progressive metal projects, is worth your time anyway. Singing “Truth is useless when the western world is dead,” lead singer Chris Greaney sounds almost as earnest as Keenan lamenting an abusive relationship in “Prison Sex.” In fact, a majority of the songs on Mind Makes the Complex, the band’s first full-length, rival Tool’s Undertow.

Abstract lyrics allude to hopelessness and frustration, while melodically interlaced distortion (courtesy of lead guitarist Irving Kid A) contributes heavily to the band’s persona. Sadness and a sense of edginess—necessary to produce that on-the-verge-of-dismantling-those-who-single-handedly-destroyed-my-life sound—are absolutes with this type of music. Still, the band maintains a sense of humor with “NTMSAHD” (“Nice to Meet Such a Happy Drinker”).

“Western World” is the most intense cut, with its mix of “Mad World”-era Tears for Fears and Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss. They’re singing about decay, obviously, though it’s hard to determine exactly what’s crumbling: old world civility? SoCal rock & roll? Or life itself?

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