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Posted October 5, 2007 in Music

The problem with most retro bands is that they lack the originality of their predecessors, and merely offer a rehash of old musical ideas that are neither as fun or vivacious as the original. But not if you’re Riverside foursome Jeprocket.

The band play basic ‘60s rock tunes that reinforce the simple-is-best concept. That’s not to say the band sound stripped-down or that their songs are lacking. They’re perfect just as they are, grinding out dynamic, moving melodic pop ditties that capture the best of psychedelia without becoming another rehash band like the White Stripes. The music sticks firmly in the hum-along lobe of the brain, and they’re playing the Saturation Fest in May, a 10-day indie/punk/hardcore fest in Riverside.

Some songs on their MySpace bear a striking resemblance to Sgt. Pepper-era Beatles, but what band, directly or indirectly, hasn’t been heavily influenced by the Fab Four’s epic career? Jeprocket aren’t groundbreaking, but not everything has to be. Their textured, joyful tunes are fun and playful enough to be your backing track as you run through a field of blooming springtime flowers on a sun-shiny day with a rainbow in the sky. Unless you’re on acid, in which case this is how you are every day.

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