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Posted October 17, 2007 in Music

 Bands that aim for an avant-garde kind of rock are generally too artsy for their own good. There’s something to be said for music that strives to break down artistic barriers and musical conventions, but the music that results tends to sound less like something designed to touch your soul and something more like a dictatorial edict on what a band thinks should be hip and edgy—as opposed to actually being hip and edgy.

The Holy Curtain breaks the mold of the aforementioned Ministry Of Cool by actually being cool. And edgy.

The band uses minimalist synth, bass and guitar sounds to get something sonically similar to Men’s Recovery Project, Sam McPheeter’s avant-garde post-Born Against affair, only Holy Curtain doesn’t aim for such abstract, artsy heights. The band is also equal parts Nick Cave’s The Birthday Party because of their primal lo-fi drums and esoteric, frantic lyrics that saturate each song with aural anxiety. A creeping bass sound rounds out their macabre, unearthly feel.

That isn’t to say they’re just a cheap knock-off of artsy acts of the past. They have an innovative sound that strays far enough from past precedents to be unique, crafting spooky, textured, atmospheric music that rings of a darker, angrier depression than your standard gloom-rock act. The Holy Curtain doesn’t wallow in their heavyheartedness; they strut to the beat of their agonized minds, bleeding their skittish sound from every pore.

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