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Posted October 22, 2007 in Music

 Divide the Day seamlessly fuses guitar-driven punk rock riffs and hardcore intensity with melodic arrangements, and there is a constant battle between soothing, harmonic vocals and wrath-induced hardcore growls and screams. Beyond that, the band can blend its unique brand of riff-driven hardcore as effectively with harmonic breakdowns as it does with anxious guitar squeals over spoken word. 

This sound is a unique take on the Screamo genre of hardcore, but at times the band delves dangerously close to generic harmonics that have become the genre’s most banal but unifying force. Divide the Day’s unique sound and effortless transition from cataclysmic wails to sappy harmonies suggest a level of musical brilliance, but they still relentlessly rely on the later. In short, Divide The Day doesn’t serve up the dissertation on the future of riff heavy, angst addled hardcore like they could. But they don’t need to.

True to rock roots, the band slings distorted anthems of the music’s mainstays: sex, youthful aggression and intoxication. And while they haven’t—at least not yet—delivered a completely unique brand of musical mayhem, what they do deliver is energetic and fresh enough to make us wish we believed in a benevolent God of rock ‘n roll so that we could thank him for sending us a band as fine as Divide The Day. 


More info and song clips on the band’s Web page 


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