Mad Marge & the Stonecutters

Posted October 15, 2007 in Music

 Every time a female-fronted band starts making waves in an otherwise stagnant musical genre, there are bound to be chock-full-o-hormones rock nerds creeping out from their labyrinth of dusty, forgotten records to point out that the girls in the band are hot—as if their sexiness was a reason to shell out $10-$15 for a CD. Or as if there weren’t already a plethora of sexy sub-cultural rock girls in various states of dress and undress all over the Internet, or in pin-up-inspired coffee table books.

Attractive or not (sometimes all it takes is to have a band with a girl in it), the mission of these bands is undercut by the cadre of pubescent gawkers who only want to ogle at jiggly tits, which can pigeonhole a great band into a novelty act—relegated to being branded as just a good female-fronted band, almost like they’re unable to compete with the boys.

Victorville-based powerhouse Mad Marge & the Stonecutters are one of those great bands, an outfit that can definitely hold their own against any psychobilly/punk act touring right now. But again, here’s the dilemma—a Google search brings up an abundance of message boards touting the attractiveness of singer Mad Marge. Not that it’s bad to have your beauty lauded by your fans, but these online ramblings are surprisingly lacking on opinions about the band’s music.

So . . . is Mad Marge hot? We’re not sure, and we don’t care, as we temporarily blinded ourselves in a self-destructive sonic frenzy while rocking out to the Stonecutter’s self-titled release. It’s pretty amazing—but they also seem pretty tough, so debating the “hotness” issue here might bring us physical harm. The Stonecutters belt out a heavy dose of stampeding stand-up bass and punk-inspired guitars that deliver wave after wave of surging hardcore goodness. Their tunes are polished pieces of sub-pop perfection—layered songs that smack you with the guttural bellows of Mad Marge’s commanding, straight-from-a-horror-movie vocals, giving you a heavy dose of a robust, no-frills rock pleasantly lacking all the cutesy-girl gimmicks of lesser bands. Call it aural ammunition aimed squarely at your eardrums.  

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