Posted October 17, 2007 in Music

 For anyone who missed the day in puberty school when us hormonally-hazed teens with ample acne and angst got together and collectively formed our attitudes toward sex, here’s a recap: sex is cool. Not cool in a James-Dean-writing-drunken-poetic-laudations-to-a-Tijuana-toilet kind of way—instead, cool in a history-shaping-epic-struggle-against-the-norms-and-mores-of-a-repressed-society way.

The Fluffer understands that such a universally-agreed-upon cool is timeless, and have made rampant hyper-sexuality the focus of their incendiary, provocative songs (here’s a sample, from “Lick”: “So pucker up/You’re gonna lick this cunt/Let’s see that tounge/I wanna have some fun”).

The band push their sexy aesthetic through club-inspired contentious bass lines and ‘80s-style synth-driven melodies that back seductress Devilish Devin’s vocals. They may come off as a less kitschy Lords Of Acid or another Peaches-style electro band, but with one notable exception: the Fluffer are actually good. They don’t allow their fashionable delivery to underscore their purveyance of good, anthemic, danceable ditties.


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