Posted October 3, 2007 in Music

After a long workday recently, I slipped into Taylors in Redlands to unwind before going home, and found myself solemnly staring into a peach-flavored ale. Suddenly, I was distracted by some seriously stellar music oozing its way through the room. The band was the Sundelles, and I blame them for my zombie-like sleepless state the next day.

The Riverside five-piece churn out hauntingly melodic, deliciously discordant ‘60s-style songs, fusing pre-psychedelic garage rock that’s raw enough to have been recorded in someone’s shower—you know, for that unmistakable ghetto-reverb sound—and encompasses the overlooked stylings of bands falling somewhere between too-tired rockabilly revival acts and Johnny Thunders-inspired resurrection acts. The Sundelles forgo MC5/Stooges riffs in favor of something with a little more soul, adding a dirty Motown feel to their tunes without resorting to overt plagiarism or sacrificing their underlying smoggy rock sound.

And, unlike other retro rehash bands, the Sundelles don’t lose their revivalist swagger, but rather craft their tunes to a not-so-polished perfection. The band also made a recent appearance at UC Riverside that got blurbed about in the student newspaper—the writer referred to the band as “unkempt” and “inebriated” (awesome!), and the Sundelles also apparently made disparaging comments about the campus Greek organizations (even more awesome!). A band that both pisses off the easily-pissed-off and goes down well with a frosty peach ale? The Sundelles may be the greatest IE band ever.

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