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(1) The British General Dental Council found David Quelch guilty in January of professional misconduct for pulling two teeth of a patient, against her will, without anesthesia, because she had complained about previous treatments. He supposedly said, “That’ll teach you . . .” (2) However, the patient at Romania’s Panduri Urology Hospital was not at fault (according to United Press International, from a January story in Bucharest’s Sunday Telegram) when surgeon Naum Ciomu lost his temper at his own sloppiness and chopped off a 36-year-old man’s penis. Ciomu later admitted that he had overreacted. Nonetheless, the Romanian doctors’ union complained that Ciomu’s fine (the equivalent of about $190,000) was unwarranted. (3) Transgendered patient Gina Tilley filed a lawsuit late last year against New York City plastic surgeon David Ostad (who has been cited by state medical authorities 11 times and sued 14 times), complaining that her 2004 saline breast implants had shifted to her armpits.



(1) The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services issued a warning in January to residents of the city of Ringwood that they should limit their intake of squirrel to no more than twice a week (children once a month). A toxic waste dump is nearby. (2) Dan Gulley Jr., 70, and David Brooks Jr., 62, fought in January in Atmore, Alabama, and according to police, Gulley pulled out a gun and shot Brooks. The two were arguing over how tall the late singer James Brown was.



According to police in Hartselle, Alabama, Daniel Brown, 22, wore a ski mask to hide his identity from his grandfather when he staged a home invasion robbery in January, but when he burst in, he yelled, “I need your money, and I mean it, Pa-Paw!” Nonetheless, when arrested, Brown denied that he was the man behind the mask.



“I was 6 when I first became aware of my desire to lose my legs,” wrote “Susan Smith” in London’s The Guardian in January. “The image I have of myself has always been one without legs.” News of the Weird has reported several times on people with “body identity integrity disorder” (apotemnophilia), which leads them to remove one or more limbs (or men their scrota). The worst part, said “Smith,” was having to kill her leg by freezing it in dry ice for at least four hours (she tried twice before it succumbed to an infection), because surgeons cannot ethically amputate a healthy limb. (A 1998 News of the Weird story involved a de-licensed San Diego surgeon who illegally removed limbs of needy men.)



Britain’s National Phobics Society said in November it would launch a campaign to help the estimated 4 million people in the U.K. who are fearful of using public restrooms. According to the NPS, in serious cases, sufferers intentionally avoid liquids and even deprive themselves of good jobs because the workplace restroom situation is unsatisfactory. “(I)t’s certainly no laughing matter,” said a spokesman.


Texas judge Keith Dean, recently defeated for re-election, decided as he was cleaning out his desk in December that he would order the release of a man that he controversially sentenced to life in prison in 1990. Tyrone Brown was 17 when he committed a $2 robbery, and Dean put him on probation but changed it to life in prison when Brown shortly afterward tested positive for marijuana. (The Dallas Morning News, in a series of 2006 articles, had reported that Dean had failed to additionally punish a murderer who had tested positive for cocaine several times after his release on probation.)


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