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A bunch of people will be hanging around the Q-Club Billiard Hall in Temecula—literally. Saturday night, 1st Amendment Tattoo is hosting a live human suspension show as part of their grand re-opening extravaganza. A guy dangling by his pierced flesh while you try to sink the 12 ball in a corner pocket? How can you not be here?

The shop is moving a couple doors down from its present locale—not a big move, but owner and tat artist Mike Ferguson will use any excuse to throw a party. The new studio has more room, Ferguson says, and the space is in better condition. “It’s nicer, very feng shui,” he says. “We’re making it a place where you can take your mother. Tattoo shops don’t have to look like you just walked into a biker bar.”

People dangling from the ceiling with hooks through the skin surprisingly won’t be the evening’s grand climax. Yesterdays Rising, AWOL One, the ShapeShifters and No Dice will also perform, and work from all the 1st Amendment artists—Adam Hathorn (a.k.a. Honky-Kong), Steven Daily, DEPH, Keyn Song and GLORY, to name a handful—will be on display.

“I’ve been going to a lot of art shows lately, so we said, ‘Let’s do one of our own,’” Ferguson says. “I didn’t want to just stand around and look at art. So we spiced it up a bit, threw in a little of everything. There’ll always be something going on, so there’s not a second you’ll be bored.” (Peter Surowski)


1st Amendment grand re-opening party at the Q-Club Billiard Hall, 27911 Jefferson Ave., Temecula, (951) 587-6990; www.1stamendmenttattoo.com. Sat., 6 p.m. All ages (beer and wine for those of legal age).



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