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Duane Peters, skateboard badass turned punk rock oracle, shouts with more caustic sneer, furious disgust and fuck-the-world disregard than it seems any normal human being could muster. It’s an approach burnished over the course of many bruising years (fronting Political Crap, the Exploding Fuckdolls, U.S. Bombs, the Duane Peters Gunfight) and with current incarnation Die Hunns, Peters has really come into his own. The band manages to cover an impressive amount of diverse territory, from brain-pulping rants to unflinching socio-political barrio-culture dissections to surprisingly complex self-examinations, and they put it across with an unusually varied sonic pallet; rather than sheer balls-out, club-to-the-head assaults (or worse, pointless time changes and stale reggae beats), Die Hunns scour a rich, atmospheric spectrum of punk and rock & roll, exploiting melodic and rhythmic resources that, while natural to the punk idiom, are often overlooked, squandered or sublimated by fits of self-indulgent, easy-out cliché. With You Rot Me, Die Hunns’ latest CD, Peters—along with vital contributions from his fabled, fire-breathing wife Corey Parks and get-around Southern California punk veteran Zander Schloss—embarks upon an engrossing tour of punk’s back alley, outsider pathology, and while the sights revealed along the way are far from picturesque, the lyrics deliver a mixture of intense realism and semi-surreal imagery as extraordinary as the music that supports them. Chewy, turbulent, raw yet crafty, Die Hunns are an unrivaled force in punk rock’s concrete jungle. (Jonny Whiteside)


Die Hunns perform with the Generators, Tatonka and Madison Bloodbath at the Vibe, 1805 University Ave., Riverside, (909) 518-5010; www.myspace.com/disasterbooking. Fri., 8 p.m. $12. 18+.


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