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We could’ve headlined this pick This week in Desperation Squad news, since our lovely newspaper has given the Pomona punkers huge swaths of ink lately—and indeed, this mere mention is their third in three weeks. We’re not sure if the repeated coverage is a call for other local bands to step up their game or a testament to how fun and unscripted rock & roll should be (and how relatively dull its become). All we know is that during their Warped Tour performance in Pomona on June 29, the band caused such a ruckus that their show was shut down after just three songs. The crowd was in such a frenzy that they showered the stage with trash, food and entire trashcans, accompanied by the jeering of D-Squad singer Mr. P.

But that was then, and on Saturday, the band shares the stage with über-punks the Death Mickies and anthem-slingers Dead Lazlo’s Place to raise money for the SoCal Roller Girls’ banked-track roller derby league. And it’s a luau, so there are sure to be plenty of nauseatingly colorful Hawaiian shirts and enough sexually-based flower-necklace puns to make dirty boy Bob Sagat blush. And make sure, should you utter one of those lamentable puns, that it’s really clever. Your friends don’t want to hear about how you got lei’d on Saturday night by some tough roller girls. That’s totally overdone. (Phil Fuller).


The Punk Rock Luau with Desperation Squad, Death Mickies and Dead Lazlo’s Place at Characters, 276 E. 1st St., Pomona, (909) 622-9070; www.myspace.com/51buckingham. Sat., 8 p.m. $7.





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