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I’ve never been impressed by one-name wonders—you know, those people who in an ego-fit decide a single word sums up their persona. However, LA-based artist Lola has caused me to rethink my bias. Born and raised in Riverside, Lola worked as a tattoo artist and painted on the side. Her first solo exhibition was in Riverside at a public works art project in 2005. The show sold out, but no one knew who she was and, chances are, Lola wasn’t positive herself.

Fast-forward to this past January, when her second solo exhibition in Los Angeles sold out before the doors even opened. Her latest solo outing, Pocket Full of Posies, shows even more refined talent, and opens at M Modern gallery in Palm Springs Saturday.

Her paintings, featuring whimsical oddball characters in obscure and surreal landscapes, have the art world clamoring for more. This latest show will feature 20 new pieces, and if history repeats itself, they’ll be sold by opening night. “I’m really baffled by this fast success,” Lola says. Though she feels the pressure to produce more work to satisfy ravenous collectors, she’s clearly aiming for quality over quantity. Check out the best of her new work at the opening reception Saturday from 7-10 p.m., and hit up her website at (Michael Cervin)


Pocket Full of Posies at M Modern gallery, 2500 Palm Canyon Rd., Palm Springs, (760) 416-3611; Show ends June 2.







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