Temecula Valley’s Vine 2 Wine Tasting Tour

Posted October 1, 2007 in

The rules of etiquette for the normal wine tasting venture goes something like this: walk into the tasting room; sample whatever the vintner has on hand; swirl, swish and spit; buy a bottle of your favorite (or shuck it) and then hit the next winery. See the actual fruit of labor that goes into the final product? Not likely. Winemakers guard their boozy sanctuaries like Dick Cheney guards his Halliburton millions, and only when the powers that be foresee benefit would you ever be allowed into the hallowed halls of artistic inebriation.

On Saturday, the Temecula Valley Winegrower’s Association breaks down the iron curtain and invites you to "taste the place" and glimpse the secret life behind the sanctuary at the annual Vine 2 Wine Vineyard and Tasting Tour. Travel in VIP comfort to three of the region’s award-winning wineries, which include Filsinger (maker of handcrafted whites and sweet dessert wines), Briar Rose (award-winning premium reds and whites) and Oak Mountain (premium whites). You’ll meet the folks who grow the grapes in Temecula’s idyllic Mediterranean climate and learn how this fruit is transformed into the robust and aromatic pleasers that you use to wash down your dinner. At the conclusion of the tour, stay for the Wiens Family Cellars’ Santa Maria-style barbecue dinner and 21-wine salute before you head home with a case or two of your favorite bottles.

This is the only time of the year, rain or shine, when the vintners allow the up-close-and-personal retreat into their hallowed halls. Take advantage of your opportunity to walk the walk and talk the talk before the wineries clam up for the harvest. (Nancy Powell)

The Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association’s 2007 Vine 2 Wine Vineyard & Wine Tasting Tour, (800) 801-9463; www.temeculawines.org. Lunch, tour and tasting, $73; sunset BBQ, $53; combo package, $116.


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