The Murder Junkies at the Vibe

Posted October 1, 2007 in

Rock & roll stardom is all too often achieved through simple crowd-pleasing mediocrity, yet the far more desirable ranking—infamy—requires a more profound, balls-to-the-wall effort. The late shock-punk master GG Allin achieved such a mantle of infamy that his name, almost 15 years following his fatal overdose, seems scrawled in thirty-foot high letters made of fire and semen. Allin was a provocateur of epic proportions within the underworld rock pantheon, a performer so notorious for his liberal use of human feces and frequent bloodletting that he made Iggy Pop look like Donny Osmond. Indeed, GG’s final accompanists were the Murder Junkies, a psychotic little combo anchored by the skull-crushing bass guitar of brother Merle Allin, himself a rocker with an unquenchable yen for both blast furnace intensity thrash-writhe-stomp expression and the ongoing veneration of GG’s lurid legacy. That campaign is vital, in the Those Who Do Not Remember History are Doomed to Repeat It vein, but the Murder Junkies, who only occasionally burst, like a particularly toxic virus, out of remission and onto nightclub stages, are not just some dumbass tribute band. With their own memorable clutch of releases—Feed My Sleaze, and the 7" The Right to Remain Violent—the Junkies are first-rate stink-stirrers in their own right, and a unit powerful enough to have forged an alliance with the High Sheriff of Hellbilly, Hank Williams III. Expect the Murder Junkies to deliver a withering blast from the most shadowy, strangest back-alley of rock & roll’s gruesome landscape—territory you may have never before have visited and certainly will never forget. (Jonny Whiteside)

The Murder Junkies at The Vibe, 1805 University Avenue, Riverside. (951) 788-0310.; $8 cover; 9pm; 18+



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