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Posted November 16, 2007 in Music

There is a cadre of adjectives used to describe every death metal band that has ever been: brutal, crushing, intense, ferocious, savage, merciless, etc. But this mere collection of words isn’t enough to describe the crunching musical ambition of Alone In The Morgue.

With the spate of metal bands coming out of the IE, it’s easy to see how a band as good as Alone In The Morgue can get lost in a sea of raucous riff slingers. But with its growls-from-the-bowels-of-hell style vocals, punishing blast-beats and unadulterated energy, the band packs enough merciless moxie to have a demonic soccer match with your disembodied brain. 

The band’s aesthetic is a deathcore standard–morbid lyrics complete with torture references about deeply personal issues belted out with guttural bellows and high-pitched screeches. 

The IE four-piece has honed its apocalyptic riffs and dark, crashing, brooding breakdowns to brutally poetic perfection, and the band’s technical, melodic intensity is unparalleled in the IE music scene.

The band is also blessedly devoid of any campy grindcore gimmicks. You won’t find any Anal Cunt-esque ADHD-addled 30 second songs. The band plays long, complex, well thought out anthems of brutality that are harsh enough to hatefuck your granny’s eardrums with a broken bottle. This is definitely not music for the PMRC crowd. 

In short, Alone In The Morgue offers everything that a metal band should, churning out the most intense, technically solid music possible on either side of the river Styx.


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