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Posted November 16, 2007 in Music

The epic eight-bit struggle between space pirates and Earth-born intergalactic bounty hunters immediately come to mind when people—mostly sunshine-deprived video game nerds—think of Metroid.

But IE music geeks know that Metroid has come to stand for something more epic than the battle for Earth—like the struggle between monotonous pop and creatively driven, powerful rock.

The Palm Desert five-piece fires their aural arsenal with deadly precision, using frantically catchy hooks and delirious pop-punk harmonics to effortlessly infiltrate that quadrant of the brain where songs hole up in for days.

The band isn’t entirely reliant on its amazing ability to manufacture power-chord-driven sing-along ditties. Aside from their melodic guitars that sling an emo-esque, slightly distorted progression, the band also throws in a barrage of solid synthesizer sounds that can make their music spacey and ambient at times, but can also deliver the knockout power-pop punch.

The synths are decidedly reminiscent of early Nintendo game tracks, but in the hands of Metroid, they become a deadly weapon in the fight against the sonic monotony propagated by so many similar bands. It’s a minefield of explosively monumental music, but they can also deliver delicately-woven, moody, haunting harmonies. In effect, Metroid know how to use their cache of munitions against the pop dregs.

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