Posted November 19, 2007 in Music

This Saturday, KROQ will take over the Hyundai Pavilion with yet another installment of their Inland Invasion, which, much like years past, has an uninspiring line-up that mocks those who shell out the gobs of cash required to attend.

This year, it seems the folks at KROQ didn’t even try. The headliners, Guns ‘N Roses, are trying to ride the wave of former stardom to heftier bank accounts. Papa Roach is way ‘99. 

And Alice In Chains sans the late Layne Staley might possibly be a crime against humanity. Sure, Jerry Cantrell is still wielding the ax, but without Staley, he’s like a yin without a yang. The thought has giving us recurring, David Lynchian nightmares in which Alice in Chains, now pushing the age envelope for drug-addled rock stars, explode onto the stage and rip into “We Die Young.”

There are some acts at the Inland Invasion that might warrant a trip to Devore, like Atreyu and Avenged Sevenfold, but they’re still not worth the headache or the cost. So instead of shelling out your hard-earned bread to see a bill of mostly aging, passé stars flop around onstage, why not support some bands that actually are cutting edge—like the ones playing the Sweet Destruction Music Festival?

Bringing more metal to the IE than your granny’s latest hip replacement surgery, Saturday’s Sweet Destruction fest promises the heaviest, angst-iest, most raucous metal riffs to ever be paraded in front of IE headbangers.

Headlining the day are epic Chino Hills band A Static Lullaby, promoting their new self-titled album and looking to rebound after the departure earlier this year of some key members. But that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped playing riff-heavy, eardrum-slammin’, aggressive emotional hardcore. That’s right, emotional hardcore. Screamo and emo are dumb musical labels, and, in this case, entirely inadequate to describe a band as dynamic as A Static Lullaby.

The festival has recruited a cadre of SoCal rockers that make this show a juggernaut of boiling-up-from-the-bowels-of-hell metal. IE band Winds of Plague stay true to their punishing death metal roots, delivering rapid-fire riffs and rat-a-tat beats along with gurgling, superhuman vocals. I Got Shot in the Face detonate an entirely riff-driven sound reminiscent of enshrined grindcore deities His Hero is Gone with a dash of seemingly forgotten hardcore pioneers Born Against and Rorschach.  

The most punishing metal isn’t the only thing this fest offers. IE band Divide the Day force-feeds their audience a unique blend of hardcore sounds with straight rock riffs—hard music that commands you to move your feet and swing your fists. 

In addition, Nevea Tears, Catherine, the Final Burden (from Lake Elsinore), Texas band Fox Force Five, Trauma, Shaunteclair, March of Cardence, Shy to December and April Forwarn will play, along with a multitude of other drum-pounding, riff-slinging hessians. It’s guaranteed to give you more bangs for your buck than the Inland Invasion.


Sweet Destruction Festival at The Haven, 7986 Haven Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, www.myspace.com/sweetdestructionfest. Sat., First band at 2 P.M. $15-$17. all ages.


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