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Music careers are often synonymous with professional setbacks and marred by boardroom politics. But the best manage to persevere through the inanity of the industry in order to add their musical vision to the world. 

 Self-taught San Bernardino-born Sly Boogy began his recording career at 19 after leaving the IE for Philadelphia and forming the group Backadashaq. Unfortunately, due to record label politics, no music was ever released. 

 Putting Backadashaq behind him, Sly Boogy returned home in 1994 and formed the Black Spooks with his cousin, rapper Dirty Birdy, and DJ KMP. The Spooks were quickly signed by Perspective Records and cranked out an album in a month. Upon completion of the album, however, the group learned that the label had gone under—and, once again, no music was ever released.

 Although his early career was beset on all sides by industry slings-and-arrows, Sly Boogy persevered, and eventually signed with Bolo Entertainment, releasing the epic Judgment Day in June of 2002. 

 A year later, Sly was finally getting some of the commercial recognition his brand of spitfire delivery and silky-smooth rhymes deserved. His single “California Remix” and, in the summer of 2004, “That’z My Name,” received some attention, radio spins and some video time on MTV2.

 He followed that with the release of The Fifth Letter in 2005, but the talented rhyme-slinger has yet to garner the national attention he deserves. He delivers his words with a finesse that goes beyond the basic rhyme scheme, brings catchy hooks and beats that burrow their way into your brain, and dig in for the long haul. Boogy offers everything we’ve come to demand from a rapper, and although he hasn’t ascended to the heights of rap superstardom, he deserves more recognition for his rhymes that cater to lyric-heads as well as people who just wanna dance.

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