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This show is an exercise in vocabulary. When we first heard about it, awesome was the only word that came to mind. See, Jim Greco—a.k.a. Jimmy Volume—is pretty glammed out and awesome in a pseudo-Marc Boland kind of way. And The Stitches were so awesome that their “Cars Of Today” single never left the regular rotation of records I throw on whenever I crack in to my vinyl collection. Together, they formed the 10’ors, who rock awesomely. Funeral Party plays some pretty awesome indie dance rock and 5000 Animals bangs out some pretty awesome aural synthesizer magic, complete with low-altitude laser sounds and skippity, erratic beats. And Kinky Method—the group that is the real treat in this non-stop awesomefest—delivers a dark, heavy, inventive shitstorm of electronic stuff that’s pretty damn awesome, too. Even at first glace, the flyer for this show evokes the lips of the reader to slowly and silently form the words, “What an awesome show!” That’s way too much awesome for one electro/indie rock dance party. It sure won’t disappoint, but is awesome really the right word to describe a late night of rock n’ roll glam, excessive drinking and dancing to some surprisingly innovative electronic beats? Probably not. There is a whole stable of synonyms that we could use to describe the show, but it wouldn’t matter. They would all tell you to go. This all night dance-a-thon is going to be good. (Phil Fuller).

The 10’ors with Funeral Party; The Kinky Method; 5000 Animals; Bul!m!ation! at Biacci’s 775 N. Central Ave., Upland, (909) 946-0990; www.myspace.com/thedropbase. Sat., 9:30pm. Before 9:30pm, $5. $10 after 9:30pm.


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