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If you’ve ever wondered whether that ominous presence breathing down your neck is just a figment of the imagination or whether loved ones who’ve passed into the afterlife ever leave their earthly existence, then this is the hunt for you.

 If morbid curiosity ignites your fire, then ride along with members of the Riverside Investigators of the Paranormal (RIP) as they commune with the specter of Wyatt Earp and his cohort of wraiths this weekend as they haunt the streets of Calico.

RIP confirms or debunks the existence paranormal phenomena using hi-tech gadgetry such as electromagnetic field devices and digital and video recordings to ferret out spiritual vibes they call electronic voice phenomena (EVP). These “Ghostbusters” trail spirits all over the Inland Empire, from the Evergreen Cemetery in Riverside and Agua Mansa in Colton to homicide scenes and well-known sites of hauntings. But this weekend they’ll be at Calico Cemetery. If you’re not too scared by the boogie man, come on by with equipment if you so choose, but please—no flash photography or video cams or risk a hasty departure from this playground for the dead. And don’t scream if you see a white-haired shadow tagging along as you wander from gravesite to gravesite, or rub “skin to skin” with the undead. 

Don’t leave etiquette behind the rusty gates either—pay your respects (a simple please and thank you for their efforts)—lest you be chastised or shunned entirely by the spirit world. 

“It’s important to use courtesy just as if they were a living person,” says Andrea, organizer of the RIP meet-ups whose usual Q&A repertoire includes: (1) What’s your name?; (2) Why are you here?; (3) What year did you die?; (4) How did you die?; and (5) Do you have any messages to share? She also says not to rush, because sometimes spirits take a long time to answer. 

Sadly, this is one of the last times you’ll get to experience the company of these like-minded ghost hunters as Calico’s Cemetery tour bids a final farewell. After that, you’ll be on your own—and at the mercy of the dead. (Nancy Powell)


Calico Ghost Haunt Cemetery Tour, Saturday, 7, 9 & 11 p.m. 800-TO-CALICO to purchase tickets in advance. $8; Cemetery Tour, $10. 

Take the I-15 North to Ghost Town Road. Calico is located at the end of Ghost Town Road and the cemetery is to the left of the park entrance. 

To join the Riverside Investigators of the Paranormal, contact Andrea, group organizer, through There is no fee to join.



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