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You don’t need a license to have a baby—any girl who hits puberty can do it. The unfortunate girls who do get pregnant (peer pressure? Rape?) would benefit from the loving support of their parents as they face the tough choices ahead. Unfortunately, most of these girls don’t have supportive, loving parents, which might be why they’re in this fix to begin with.

Proponents of Proposition 85—the “parental notification” initiative—on this Tuesday’s election ballot, want the government to magically create this bond, regardless if the parents are total bastards or if even the father is the father of the baby. Fearing abuse, abandonment, and retribution taken out on their boyfriend (if they have one), the daughters will resort to unsafe, illegal abortions or mutilating themselves—like the girl who inserted a wooden spoon into herself, over-and-over, until she almost bled to death.

These girls are under 18, and maybe you are too, which means you can’t vote on this issue that directly affects your body. So what can you do?

This weekend, On The Rag Records and Inland Empire HardCore (IEHC) present “Notify This!,” an all-ages punk music political forum to support the “Campaign for Real Teen Safety,” which opposes Prop 85.

“Being a minor should not mean being shut out from democracy,” says IEHC organizer Randall Lopez. “Young people who are not old enough to vote can still participate . . . by organizing and attending rallies, by reading and distributing relevant information, and by questioning every single decision made by those in authority. We want teenagers to be informed, make up their minds and get involved.”

Scheduled performers include All or Nothing HC; Malice of Forethought; Gruk; No Reform; Socialized Crucifixion; Riot This; and Bruised Violet. And Alisha Wilkins, Public Affairs Manager for Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside, will get you riled up with a short talk, titled “How Prop 85 Endangers Teens.”

And the real deal is that Prop 85 won’t encourage better family communication; it will simply force frightened pregnant teens to take drastic measures. Is even one girl’s life worth the risk? Pay your $5 to fight for your rights—and theirs. (Anna Hirsh)


Notify This! at Back to the Grind, 3575 University Ave., Riverside, (909) 557-7982; Fri., 7-11 p.m. $5. All proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood. All ages.


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