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The Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival started 12 years ago with only 600 in attendance. Last year, Temecula teamed with nearly 10,000 tourists in town to soak up some films and dig its musical offerings.

This year’s music side of the fest has a few gems—mostly the very mellow “adult alternative” kind. 

Heliphino: Actually pronounced hell-if-I-know, most recipes for one of these calls for equal parts helicopter, elephant and rhino, mixed well and simmered over lame punch line. But this LA band substitutes hippo for the helicopter and comes out with more than safari stew—a porn-funk groove-rock hobo-jazz stir-fry, lightly seasoned with catchy hooks and served on a crispy bed of fresh pop.

LuciDream: The boys in LuciDream have played with everyone from Everlast and Buck 65 to Sweatshop Union. Apparently, they’re also big on the spoken-word/poetry scene. Don’t feel artsy enough to hang at a poetry reading, but still want to impress people with an elevated state of cultural awareness? See this band. Their ambiguous art statements about God, smoking and world travel and their acoustically-driven folk/hip-hop sound should be enough to have you hanging with the hipster coffeehouse crowd in no time.

Tubby: A San Diego five-piece blues/funk-rock band that would probably be a hit at your favorite dive bar, and they won the WorldFolk Battle of the Bands last year in Las Vegas. They also do a tribute to the San Diego Padres that’s vaguely reminiscent of something that might play at the beginning of The Drew Carey Show—if it was set in San Diego, of course.

Lastonedone: Offering an acoustic/electric blend of mellow beats and harmonies, this OC pop group is perfect to sit around and space out to. They describe their music as the true California sound with true California soul, but they’re really even more laid-back than that description suggests—think more along the lines of “music to wake up from a coma to.”

The other players at this two-night gig are a mix of classical tinklers and country-esque blondkins, so all we’re really wondering now is, where are all the IE bands? Don’t these people ever read Band of the Week?


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