Posted December 26, 2007 in Eats


Angel’s Bar & Grill Roadhouse. Good hamburgers, good-looking waitresses and good-looking patrons are their reason to come on down. 32464 Dunlap Blvd., Yucaipa, 909.795.0665. $

Hickory Ranch Steakhouse. This large restaurant with a western theme is similar to steakhouses like Claim Jumper and Black Angus. Friday special is the 14 oz. Prime rib. 32971 Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa. 909.790.1953. $$$

John’s Philly Steak. This is a fast food hamburger and sandwich place. Specials include the pastrami sandwich combo, Philly steak sandwich combo, chili fries combo and various hamburger combo meals. 34215 Yucaipa Blvd, Yucaipa, 909.797.7922. $


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