The Bulldog in Upland

Posted December 20, 2007 in Events

Fish, Chips and Trivia at the Bulldog in Upland

The British Bulldog Pub in Upland has created a splendid and somewhat oxymoronic way to spend a Tuesday evening—exercising your brain cells while destroying them at the same time. Drink your favorite import beer, while competitively answering multiple questions. Every Tuesday night between 9:30PM and 10:30PM the Bulldog hosts its weekly trivia night—a 20-question barrage of sports, history, movies, TV, pop culture and everything in-between. Work individually or team up with some of your smartest friends that kept in contact with for this very reason: winner gets a free pitcher of beer of their choice. That’s correct, put that useless knowledge in the back of the brain to use and score free alcohol. 

The British Bulldog is an authentic British pub that is small quaint and is practically the IE’s version of Cheers. The small-town bartenders know nearly everyone by their first name and what drink makes them forget about their ‘real’ life problems. There are 14 different types of beer on tap—both domestic and import—with prices that range from three to six dollars. Most mixed drinks are available, except those dependent of a blender—but let’s face it, blenders belong in an authentic British pub as much as Pope Benedict XVI. Food is available, the burgers and sandwiches are scrumptious and there’s a conspicuous wealth of fish and chips. (Nicholas Giunta)

British Bulldog Pub, 1667 N. Mountain Ave., Upland, (909) 946-6614; Every Tuesday evening at 9:30PM 


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