Mad Marionettes and Buckingham Burlesque at Biacci’s

Posted December 13, 2007 in

Not since the pairing of pornography-and-photography, gin-and-cigarettes, or sadism-and-masochism have the forces of the universe brought together a combination that’s both as satisfying and hedonistic as the rock/burlesque show. Since rock, from its inception, has always tried to challenge sexual conventions and repressive social mores that govern society with it’s rhythmic, visceral sound, the two fit seamlessly together. Just let it sink in. Good rock music. Scantily clad burlesque dancers gyrating seductively. It’s perfectly symmetrical. And this Friday, the Mad Marionettes provide music and the women of Buckingham Burlesque provide the hip-shakin’ to this ideal combination.

The Mad Marionettes have been tearing up Southern California with their strange blend of energetic and random instruments—piano, accordion, trumpets—in creating a sort of Parisian café or Korova Milk Bar vibe for adventurous types. Which is to say they’ve pretty much entrenched themselves as the Inland Empire’s two-decades-late answer to seminal art-rockers Oingo Boingo with an expression that’s dark, edgy and artsy without being overly pretentious. And while the band has to prove that they can stand the test of time for the comparison to hold, they can’t be beat for pure exuberance, raw power and creative force. Couple that with the winding and grinding of the scantily clad, classy gals of Buckingham Burlesque and there’s your proof that somebody’s looking out for us—and whether that be God or the brain trust behind this fine idea or the animalistic connection between all us budding Adam and Eves, He definitely wants us to be happy. (Phil Fuller)

Mad Marionettes and Buckingham Burlesque at Biacci’s, 775 N. Central Ave, Upland, (909) 946-0990; Fri., 9pm $10–$20


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