27 Dresses

Posted January 17, 2008 in Film

Another insult written and directed by women (Aline Brosh McKenna and Anne Fletcher) who deserve to be strung up by bridal veils. Katherine Heigl stars as just your average Jane: a sweet and single dishwater brunette who’s laser-beam focused on wedding bells. She faithfully clips out each week’s Vows column, pines over her obtuse boss George (Edward Burns), and sighs the word “marriage” more than Emeril Lagasse shouts “Bam!” Heigl’s spoken out (fairly) about the bias against her stiff and humorless character in Knocked Up; here, her role is even more punishing. When her man-eater blonde sister (Malin Akerman) captivates George into giving her the proposal Jane’s dreamed of for years, Jane resorts to stuffing her face, boggling out her eyes, biting her tongue, and planning the happy couple’s nuptials. Any other desperate spinster would have pounced on handsome James Marsden’s newspaper reporter with his posh features and winking eyes. This being a moronic romantic comedy, Jane inexplicably ignores his advances which escalate into near-stalking, presumably because he’s working on yet another outraged piece about the marital-industrial complex, but also because he’s drawn to her . . . her . . . something or other I suppose. There’s 90 seconds of fun when Jane shows him her closet of tulle monstrosities from her score and seven turns as bridesmaid. The rest of this slog provokes one reaction: the post-film need for a stiff drink to drown these retrograde gender stereotypes. (Amy Nicholson)



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