Over Her Dead Body

Posted January 31, 2008 in Film

Eva Longoria can’t play comedy. She can, however, play bitch. And on her wedding day that bitchiness gets her character Kate killed. One year later, her ghost—wearing a series of tight white minidresses—continues to haunt her ex-fiancé Henry (a droll Paul Rudd) to ensure that he never loves again. Conveniently, he’s falling for a redheaded psychic named Ashley (Lake Bell, mimicking young Julia Roberts) who’d now give anything to lose her abilities to hear and see the dead—particularly when Kate hovers above her and Henry in the bedroom. After an uncertain start where Rudd, the only heartthrob who can get away without washing his hair, seems to be in a totally different dry comedy than his glossy leading ladies (albeit one I’d probably rather see), writer-director Jeff Lowell’s surprisingly palatable romance finds its footing with smart one-liners spaced just regularly enough to keep the movie in your good graces. Aside from a heartbreaking supporting performance by Jason Biggs (words I never thought I’d type), Lowell has little to say about loss and love. But there’s a talking parrot, and on some days, that’s enough. (Amy Nicholson)


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