Big Bear Sledding

Posted January 10, 2008 in

The moment the rain stops in SoCal, flatlanders start looking to the mountains with visions of gleeful snow play dancing in their heads. And since last weekend the sky opened up and spewed all over the southland relentlessly, we know that you’re only taking your peepers off the snowy peaks long enough to read this. But don’t be a jackass—if you’re one of those suckers who pulls your ride over as soon as you see some snow at a turn out and who lets your kids take the chance of sliding into oncoming traffic on a $5 piece of plastic—stop! Don’t be one of the dumbasses the firefighters and paramedics scrape off trees and pavement every weekend. Don’t be that guy whose mug ends up in the local newspaper with one leg over the “No Trespassing” yellow tape with sled in hand. Don’t be the asshole getting airlifted down the mountain with a broken neck who can’t feel his legs because he didn’t want to pay $22 for the pay-to-play sledding areas. Is it pricey? Yes. But nothing says priceless like the tab for a trip in the ambulance, a bill for the ER and—if you’re especially unlucky—a helicopter ride down the mountain.

Instead, line up at Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain or Big Bear Snow Play, pay your twenty-two bucks, grab an inner tube and go balls out all day down the perfectly sculpted thrill hills with a magic carpet ride back up to the top. Just because you’re having a snow day doesn’t mean nothing bad can happen. Sled smart, or you just might end up a hood ornament. (Arrissia Owen Turner)

Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain, 800 Wildrose Lane, Big Bear Lake, (909) 866-4625; Big Bear Snow Play, 42825 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake, (909) 585-0075; Daily 10AM–4PM; night sessions 5–9PM at Alpine Slide Fri.–Sat. $22; kids ages 2–6 ride free with a paying adult.






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