Posted February 14, 2008 in Mind Body Spirit

There’s a new item called Focolate that’s actually an herbal aphrodisiac disguised as chocolate syrup ($30 per set of gender-specific bottles). Given the boldness of the name, the Weekly decided we’d try it out on our wife in the form of chocolate milk, to see if we could generate some irrepressible loin fire. At first taste we thought, not bad. At first aftertaste we thought, bad. As adventurous sorts, we watched television and waited for the elixir’s lusting grip. We felt something. Commercials seemed sadder. We yawned tear-inducing yawns. We went to bed with our wife. And things didn’t end there. We slept closer to her than usual, but no cats went into heat, and nobody was sinking anybody with their pink torpedos. Maybe not for us, but you can check it out for yourself at



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