College Road Trip

Posted March 6, 2008 in Film

Chicago high school senior Melanie (Disney diva Raven-Symoné) wants to go to Georgetown. Her overprotective police chief dad (Martin Lawrence, castrated) wants his baby girl no further than it takes to deliver a pizza. Along with Melanie’s mad genius baby bro (Eshaya Draper) and the family’s piglet Albert who dances, back flips, flushes, belches, solves Rubik’s Cubes, and plays chess in the bathtub, they embark on a road trip with plenty of pit stops for hugging and mugging. This good-natured charmer follows a straight-forward arc, but teeters into absurdist porcine flourishes (when in doubt, cut to the pig!), taser attacks, sky-diving, car wrecks, and a thoroughly creepy scene where Lawrence sneaks into Melanie’s sorority house slumber party and sleeps under her bed. Executive producer (and teen everygirl, despite looking and acting like Oprah) Raven-Symoné realizes too late she shouldn’t have cast herself against a charismatic pig; instead, she cuts loose only for a bootylicious cover of “Double Dutch Bus” that nearly loses the film’s G-rating. But the real breakout star is Donny Osmond, an argyle-clad show tunes singer whose ubertight bond with daughter Wendy (a maniacally perky Molly Ephraim) should inspire Lawrence to ship his kid to Antarctica. (Amy Nicholson)



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