Run, Fat Boy, Run

Posted March 27, 2008 in Film

Stoner hero Simon Pegg shufflehuffs through a half-baked comedy with more cues for eye rolls than laughter. Dennis (Pegg) only exercises when lifting a pint. The last time he worked his glutes was five years ago when he leapt off the altar and sprinted away from his pregnant fiancée (Thandie Newton). Now, he’s running to win her back—literally—by entering the London Marathon with the vague idea that if he out jogs her new uber-perfect boyfriend (Hank Azaria), she’ll drop the hero and get with the zero. Poppycock—only Pegg and co-writer Michael Ian Black’s script flogs it sincerely, and debut director David “Ross” Schwimmer ain’t questioning them.     Schwimmer’s sliced cheese mediocrity gets him off the hook; not so for the usually inventive Pegg and Black who must’ve escalated each other into an arms race of bland jokes and cheap male nudity that even Will Ferrell would dismiss. Crack-up Irish comedian Dylan Moran is Dennis’ layabout best friend, and he doesn’t let coaching his mate to sweaty, Nike-clad glory keep him from betting he won’t finish the race down at the pub. (Amy Nicholson)



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