Charles E. Givings Sr.

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The Compton Kids is a baseball story kind of like The Bad News Bears. It pits a ragtag band of interracial baseball loving kids against a much more practiced Cuban team. But instead of enlisting the help of alcoholic ex-baseball pro Walter Matthau, they enlist the help of the book’s author, Charles E. Givings Sr., who hooks the team up with a former Dodger to teach them the basics. And also, the team has Jesus on its side, which pretty much trumps anything the other teams have up their jersey sleeves. We’d be willing to bet that any team Jesus backed is probably going to win, but (spoiler alert!) we never finished the book. We didn’t need to because we have faith. We have faith that the Compton Kids will trounce their Cuban rivals because Jesus doesn’t help godless communists win baseball games, unless he’s busy working in mysterious ways. Whatever. We have faith anyway. The book is a fictionalized account of a season Givings actually spent coaching a baseball team in Compton, so what the book lacks in grammatical integrity it more than makes up for in authenticity. See how authentic as Givings reads it aloud from his manuscript for those of you too cynical to just have faith.

Charles E. Givings Sr. reads from The Compton Kids at Barnes & Nobel, 11090 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga. Saturday, March 8, 1PM–3PM. Free.





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