Roy Zimmerman at the Folk Music Center

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Roy Zimmerman at the Folk Music Center, Saturday, March 22

Political satire has had a real revival of late what with The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and the good folks at Fox News, but singing satire—the kind accompanied with a guitar—surely died a natural death about the time The Smothers Brothers last were on the air. Well, if so, somebody needs to let Roy Zimmerman know. Zimmerman is doing his level best to keep not only satire alive but folk music as well. With influences such as Woody Guthrie and the Weavers, Zimmerman manages to skewer our political landscape today. Which considering the state of our current administration seems easy, though if it were more people would be doing it well. Getting his start with satirical folk group The Foreman, Zimmerman has released five albums. On his new release Faulty Intelligence, Zimmerman takes aim at a host of targets, including Intelligent Design in “Creation Science 101” and hypocritical Moral Majority types in “Defenders of Marriage.” It sounds like a cliché . . . but Zimmerman truly makes you laugh as he makes you think and shows how shallow and trite our current political discourse is. Zimmerman is currently touring across the country playing behind the new disc. On March 22, he graces the Inland Empire with a show at the Folk Music Center in Claremont, which is worth checking out.

Roy Zimmerman at the Folk Music Center,  220 Yale Ave., Claremont, (909) 624-2928. Doors at 7PM, $12


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