The Stitches

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I was in an Orange County record store in the summer of 2000, desperately trying to unearth the Stitches/Le Shok split EP. It had come out a few weeks before and no one could find the damned thing anywhere. I asked the clerk who was leaning against the counter and talking to his friend. The clerk immediately let out an exasperated sigh. That was not a good sign. 

“The Stitches are only, like, the most collectable band in the world right now, man,” he said and let out a big, pretentious laugh that his big, pretentious friend joined him in. I wanted it for the Le Shok track anyway, but didn’t say anything. When they were done laughing: “No man, we don’t have it.”

It was weird to hear someone dub The Stitches as the Most Collectable Band In The World, No Really, The Whole World because I’d seen those guys all across southern Orange County playing almost anywhere they could get a gig, from bars to church basements, dishing out old-school glam punk. It was all energy and drunken fits and beat up in all the right ways. Those same ways that record companies spend a lot of money trying to reproduce—the musical equivalent of I-rolled-outta-bed-looking-this-way. It was devoid of pretense. It was drunken, chaotic purity of chords and beats and angst and there was nary a pretentious record collector to be seen at their shows full of dancing, flailing kids all having fun and getting down. Boring diatribe about how many EP’s the band pressed? No man, we don’t have it. (Phil Fuller) 

The Stitches with Rubber City Rebels, Glass Heroes and Blockage at Biacci’s, 775 N. Central Ave., Upland, (909) 946-0990. Fri., 8PM, $10.



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