The Starry Nights

Posted April 17, 2008 in Arts & Culture

So far, wherever the skatepuck is played in this series, the home fans ain’t happy. The Ducks laid colossal eggs (the first one a goose variety) to open their Stanley Cup title defense with the Dallas Stars before anyone at Honda Center could blow hot Santa Ana wind at league-priss Mike Modano. Maybe it was Giguere’s ambiguous back spasms or that Scott Neidermayer and Teemu Selanne took extended vacations before coming back (a page out of Peter Forsberg’s book of tentativeness), but Lord Stanley might have filled his bowl with puke if he’d watched the quietude in which the Ducks reacted in Game Two, where they took the tempo by dictation and were blasted through the boards in the third period to find themselves in a 2-0 hole. Making matters worse, winger Rob Neidermayer got himself concussed. Enter the paradox of hockey—when things look so bad that it can’t help but become desperately good. Chris Pronger comes to life in his starched white road uniform, picks up a moocher’s assist on the first goal, and then pots two more to breathe life back into the champions. As this is a weekly publication and we can’t possibly know the outcome of Game Four in Dallas on Thursday, we are nevertheless presciently impressed that Giguere held the Stars to a single goal in a 3-1 win (nice assist on the Getzlaf goal, Ryan Carter) to even the series. Even better? That the Captain Saskatchewan Brenden Morrow didn’t get by with murder (atta boy, May), as he did in Game Three. (Chuck Mindenhall)



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