Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Posted April 17, 2008 in Film

Peter (Jason Segal) is glum, soft-bellied, and childish. He’s funny when sniping at strangers or crumpling under self-pity. But neither he nor ex-girfriend Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell)—who’s dumped him after five-and-a-half years for Aldous Snow (English comic Russell Brand), the world’s coolest douchebag rock star—have the moxie to give this film a kick in its comedic ass. We’re supposed to hate Sarah, but she’s no Heather Mills, just a 2-D dream girl with all the personality of a weak piña colada. Pretty hotel clerk Rachel (Mila Kunis) is better, but only because she’d be more fun to drink a beer with. Segal (who wrote the script) and director Nicholas Stoller must resort to producer Judd Apatow’s stable—the closest thing in today’s film to the studio system. Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd are duly trotted out (Rudd’s pot-blazed surfer scores thrice the laughs), but films by this clan have the singular disadvantage of high expectations and lower and lower effort. The moments in the flick that work are the sole property of outsider Brand, whose Snow—like his stand-up persona—is awesomely cocky, sex mad, and pretentious, and here gets to prove he even looks manly in a sarong. (Amy Nicholson)



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