My Blueberry Nights

Posted April 10, 2008 in Film

Norah Jones has racked up nine Grammy awards and only one acting credit, and with good reason. Her debut turn in Kar Wai Wong’s first English language romance has her starring as Elizabeth, a city girl with a perfect Brooklyn face, who skips town after her boyfriend cheats, leaving in her wake Jude Law’s lovelorn baker and throttling symbolism about abandoned keys and overlooked pies (damn apple’s popularity!). Fatally, Wai has structured his hazy, lazy epic to follow Elizabeth—duller than day-old donuts—as she pretends to gain wisdom from deep southern caricatures like David Strathairn’s drunken policeman, Rachel Weisz as his hothouse rose ex, and Natalie Portman’s brass-balled poker champion. Perhaps because the limit of Jones’ charisma is a shot of her staring blankly out the window, Wai fills the void with pointless slow-mo shots while pushing his real talent to commit over-acting hara-kiri with syrupy drawls and nonsense perspectives. This film captures love as creepy, lame, and false. “You’re different,” appraises Law on his dream lady’s return. The only change is she’s wearing a hat. Bringing his motifs full circle, Wong closes with Jude kissing the blueberry a la mode off of a sleeping Jones’ lips. I typically find the former two delicious, but this time my stomach churned. (Amy Nicholson)



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