Posted April 17, 2008 in Music

Cities of Origin: Riverside, Perris

Members: Mark Nemetz (vocals/guitar), Lisa Nemetz (vocals/guitar/percussion), Johnny Hawthorn (lead and steel guitar), Stephan Silveira (bass/vocals), Joey Stafford (drums/percussion/vocals)

Recent Release: Things Found Walkin’ With Yer Head Down (Silent John Records)

Kindred Spirits: Gram Parsons, Waylon Jennings, Uncle Tupelo, Dr. John, early ’70s Rolling Stones and Van Morrison



When it comes to homegrown alt-country music, the pickings are pretty darn slim. Bucksworth leader Mark Nemetz can attest, having flown the sub-genre’s flag for IE concertgoers since the late ’90s.

 “If there’s a niche to be filled, we wind up being the ones to do it. I’ve been in and out of this area all my life, so I’ve dealt with the music scene here a lot,” says the singer/guitarist, who previously logged time in Smokestacks and Britain’s Blue Train. 

 The rarely-heard Bucksworth sound has led to monthly Bucksworth bookings in local venues such as the Vault Martini Bar in Redlands, Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown, The Press in Claremont, in addition to The Kibitz Room at Canter’s Deli and Safari Sam’s in LA. They’ve also performed at Gram Fest in Joshua Tree, the Fender Center & Museum in Corona and the (now defunct) Riverside Orange Blossom Festival. 

 So far the quintet has put out three full-length albums and a few EPs. 2006’s Things Found Walkin’ With Yer Head Down saw Bucksworth net commercial and Internet radio airplay in Australia, Japan, Canada, The Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. “Radio support has been tremendous. It’s great to find you’re on FM stations in small markets,” says Nemetz.

 Things Found melds rock, country and even Latin sonic terrain with often-humorous results. “Last Jalopy” is about an old clunker, while the quick, feisty shuffle “Lil’ Girl (Is Mean)” describes an evil woman: “watch out for the broken glass and that she don’t break a boot off right in your ass.” 

 Bucksworth is in the studio working on an EP due out in late summer and a full-length album/DVD slated for September 2009, to mark its 10th anniversary. 

 “The special thing about the (next) album,” explains Nemetz, “is that we plan to have all current and past members of Bucksworth participate in the recordings. The DVD will include never-before-seen live show video, rehearsals, footage from the studio, photos, versions of cover songs we have always done and each member of Bucksworth sharing a fond, funny, crappy or crazy story about time spent in the band.” (George A. Paul)

Bucksworth at Lake Alice Trading Co., 3616 University Ave., Riverside (951) 686-7343, on Wednesday, April 23; 9PM. Also performing at the Riverside Plaza, Saturday, May 24  



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