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Posted April 3, 2008 in Music

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Yucaipa & Joshua Tree

MEMBERS: Jason Mustachio (vocals), Kevin Wright (bass), Erik Mountain (drums), John Page (guitar)

RECENT RELEASE: Whiskey and Knives (self-released; 2007)

KINDRED SPIRITS: Bl’ast!, Jack Daniel’s, Supersuckers, a set of Ginsus, Zeke, Jim Beam



By Waleed Rashidi


Attention all booking agents putting up with fussy foursomes that ceaselessly complain about the conditions of the venues at which they’re booked: Whiskey and Knives might be your next roster addition, as they appear super easy to please. Case in point—according to drummer Erik Mountain, all you’ve gotta do is find them a dingy drinkin’ hole, where overdriven amps are the rule, and they’ll be there with bells on. “Well, we like dark, dirty dive bars that have a jukebox with a good mix of punk rock, stoner rock and Southern rock,” Mountain says. Easy enough, eh?

In fact, the blaring, burly, high-voltage punk quartet launched in 2006, but they’ve already built quite the name for themselves without much outside assistance. Making the road a priority from the band’s inception, Whiskey and Knives has covered plenty of mileage in the immediate vicinity, plus they’ve nailed dates in Arizona, San Francisco and Vegas. To top that all off, there’s even a self-titled full-length that can be had at their live gigs.

Influenced by bands like Gluecifer, Excel and our own lamented desert brethren Kyuss, Whiskey and Knives gigs aren’t for the faint of heart (Mountain recommends you bring some form of ear protection, and we’ll Roger that). One of the band’s best shows was at the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas, where the rockin’ ruckus was in full-form. “For one, this is our favorite bar,” Mountain recalls. “Second, that night, the bar was full to capacity and the crowd was raisin’ some hell for us!”

If you’re identifying yourself as a punker, thrash head, Southern rocker, barfly, nine-to-fiver, or just the workin’ man, raising a shot glass to Whiskey and Knives’ riff-fueled artistry probably wouldn’t be out of the norm. And consider this your notice, as the band’s working on sweeping through a local watering hole sooner than later, especially since Mountain sees some real value in the local ‘hood. “There are some really good bands in this area right now and the scene is on the rise,” he says. 

But, what to do after they’ve made their mark down here? “Head back up to ‘Frisco in early summer and raise some hell!” 

Atta boy!



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